Melbourne : The City of Surprises

You’re sitting in a big comfy velvet chair sipping a large flat white reading a crinkled, old, loved book. You finish the coffee and the book, leave the shop, turn the corner and head down a graffitied alleyway. You turn into a street market filled with cacti, jewelry, paintings and magic of all sorts. You continue down the street and enter a shop, that’s also a bar, and a dance floor, and a place for independent treasure finders to sell their goods. You buy a drink, try on some sparkly jackets, and have deep conversation with complete strangers. You are in Melbourne. Read more “Melbourne : The City of Surprises”

Bali : Island Of The Gods

When I visited the Island, Bali, with three close friends and we had quite the adventure. We planned two out of three accommodation locations and zero out of dozens of activities… we took the whole “play it by ear” thing to a new level. I’ve compiled a few tips + pics below about where to visit, where not to visit, safety, money, where I stayed, and where I would have gone if we had more time… hopefully they’re helpful for anyone keen to travel Bali! Read more “Bali : Island Of The Gods”